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Singapore and Hong Kong are the culinary meeting point of Asia. Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, offer a unique wide-ranging food scene of their own. However, Singapore is the one that got the most vibrant food in all Southeast Asia. 

Best Street Food

Loved by Thousands
Night Market selects best street food of Asia to Chicago!

Lumpia Shanghai

$5/15 pcs

Pork Egg Rolls, Size M  (Limited Offers) 

Pork Pot Stickers


Pan-Fried Pork Pot Stickers, 4 pcs

Chicken Wing Soy Garlic


Chicken wings with soy garlic & French fries, 6pcs

Beef Stew Wonton Noodle Soup


Beef Stew is slow cooked for hours and the broth is cooked with original soup recipe. Wonton has pork and shrimp. 

Spicy Taiwanese Beef Hot Pot


Individual Hot Pot style, Beef Taiwanese sauce with mixed vegetables, ramen noodle, shrimps, claims, fish ball, tofu, and spicy sauce.  

Katsu Karee (Pork)Curry Rice


Pork chop boneless double fried with curry sauce over rice. Japan’s Best!

Grilled Beef Short Ribs over Rice


Special beef short ribs marinated with house sauce and served with rice. This is a popular dish in Vietnam ” Com Suon Bo”

Shu Mai


Steam Pork Shu Mai,            3 pcs

Grilled BBQ Chicken


BBQ chicken skewer, 1pcs

Tita's Favorite Beef Burrito


House beef steak, garlic fried rice, shredded cheese, lettuce,  pico de gallo, and Tita’s green sauce, large size 1 pcs



Choose your own adventure and enjoy! Pancit Bihon noodle and Crispy Lechon

Hainan Chicken Rice


Hainan chicken is a Sing style with boiled egg. The rice is cooked with chicken broth from the Chicken itself. Two sauces can with this dish: Garlic, Ginger onion sauce and Soy garlic sauce. This is most popular dish in Southeast Asia.

Kaldereta Short Ribs over Rice


Pinoy’s best! Beef short ribs slow cooked for hours with potatoes, carrot, bell peppers and cheese

Grilled House Beef Steak


Chef select high quality beef steak. Then, steak is marinated with house seasoning blend and served with vegetables and rice. American steak with a new twists of Asian sauce on top of the cooked steak.


Bottle Water


Choice of Boba Milk Tea

Original/ Taro / Matcha / Hokkido


Choice of Smoothie



Desserts / Tea Coffee


Ube Ice Cream


Thai Ice Tea/Coffee


Sesame Balls, 3pcs